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Saturday, January 22, 2011

The University of Mumbai awarded PhD degrees to 2,904 candidates in the last decade


The University of Mumbai awarded PhD degrees to 2,904 candidates in the last decade. This means the varsity gave out more than a doctorate a day, if one discounts the holidays.

While numbers tell one side of the story, the quality of research work is a concern for university authorities. Old-time faculty and research guides said just about 2% of the work done by PhD fellows makes it to international peer-reviewed journals.

"Like water finds its own level, every researcher finds his own journal," quipped a research guide, recalling the discussion he has with faculty each time they discuss the poor quality of PhD theses being churned out of the university portals.

Candidates spend years in the pursuit of a PhD, later producing nothing of relevance, said a former vice-chancellor. Mysteriously, almost every Indian university has at least five theses that analyze the functioning of a co-operative bank in a particular district. "As if a co-operative bank in Jalgaon is going to be very different from the one in Jalaun," he added.

Rajpal Hande, head of the board of colleges and university development, said, "The quality of PhD theses produced by institutions across the world is a matter of concern. Quality research is being conducted only in some pockets of the world. In India too, the quality of our research is something we need to immediately address."

He felt the University Grants Commission's decision to conduct an entrance exam is the first step in ensuring that the right kind of students get in.

But there is another thought too. Abhay Pethe, head of the economics department, said if quality issues need to be addressed, authorities should be stringent about the output.

"Allow flexibility at the input stage. But put a filter at the output level. There is another peculiarity about Mumbai—a large number of students who enrol for PhD in social sciences do so years after completing their master's. There ought to be some consideration for them.

Source :Times of India

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Research Abroad Scholarships for Applicants Enrolled for a Higher Degree at the University of Adelaide


Scholarships 2011, Australia

Employer: The University of Adelaide
Level: Research
Scholarship Description: A special fund is set aside from the Research Budget for the purpose of supporting research travel overseas by enrolled research students. The total value of the scholarship is $1,500, plus a minimum of $500 of which is funded by the applicant’s Discipline/School. This scheme is subject to funding and the University reserves the right not to make offers in any given year.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 18 February 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application.........

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